Utah Motorsports Campus

Grantsville, UT

Utah Motorsports Campus is an auto, motorcycle, bicycle and kart racing facility located just outside Tooele, Utah. The Full course is a 23-turn, 4.486 mile road circuit run counterclockwise. The front stretch can see vehicles reaching speeds of 200 mph.  Smaller configurations of the track can be made from the full course, including a 3.048 miles outer course that does not use the tighter infield lay-out, as well as two 2.2 miles layouts that each use half of the full course and can be run simultaneously. At almost 4.5 miles, it was the longest road racing facility in North America until 2014. It is about ½ mile longer than the previous holder, Road America. The Outer course is one of the fastest road courses in North America. The facility has a 24 acre paddock that contains 220 team garages, 40 day garages, 27 grand prix garages located along the hot pits, an on-site medical facility, a five million dollar Club House, vintage car museum, and a helicopter pad.

Andrew Davis Miller Cayman GT4

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