Kill Bill Karmann Ghia

This is the actual car Uma Thurman “drove” in the movie Kill Bill Vol. 2. The client bought this car as it was in the movie. It was equipped with the factory spec 4 cyl and the client wanted it to add a little more power. We were commissioned to install a complete 993 drivetrain. This of course required the fabrication of frame rails and structure that did not exist in the Karmann chassis. This fabrication was well planned out and flawlessly executed. One off headers and a very short exhaust including muffler were fabricated in an attempt to keep the noise down as much as possible. The 993 shifting mechanisms were modified to fit inside the tunnel of the convertibles chassis while using the Porsche shifter. Up front the fuel tank was modified to accept a larger fuel pump to feed the, in comparison, monstrous engine. While undertaking this massive project the KMR crew ran into a few issues with the body and very weathered chassis, in typical movie car fashion these underpinnings were very neglected and needed work. We went to work replacing the entire floor pan assemblies, rebuilt the front & rear suspensions with fabricated, new and upgraded components to handle torque and weight of the new power plant. All new brakes, Fuchs style wheels and an exterior “freshen up” paint job were some of the cosmetic repairs. All of this was preformed with the end goal in mind which was to make the car appear to be untouched from the movie clips. Which honestly doing anything to the exterior was a major change as this car was cosmetically challenged when it arrived at our shop.