1996 993 Supercup GT3 Cup Car

The “UPS Car” was purchased with known front frame/chassis damage, the extent was unknown but it was obvious to the untrained eye that the car needed some TLC. The crew in the KMR bodyshop knew exactly what to do, fix it right! After all this car had a history, had true racing roots and was somewhat a survivor. The car was originally raced with the UPS livery when used as a competitive race car in the Porsche Supercup series. Although you wouldn’t have known that by the paint scheme it wore when delivered to KMR. The yellow background with red/black/blue design was dated and needed to go, it only made sense to return the car back to it’s glory days with the original livery. But first it needed extensive repairs to correct years of neglect and trackside fixes. We once again relied on the Celette Frame Bench for use of the fixtures to straighten out the car. Once on the fixtures it became very obvious that the front of the chassis was out of alignment and needed to be repaired, not until we started stripping our out the caulk and seam sealer that we discovered how poorly it was repaired in the past (probably to just get through a weekend of racing) and was never readdressed. We ended up cutting the entire front end off minus the inner frame rails. This allowed us to pull the frame back into spec and realigning all of the suspension points. Reinstalling the front structural sheet metal was done using the Celette Frame Fixtures for exact placement of the new parts. Using all of our measuring tools combined with the knowledge and expertise of our bodyshop crew we were able seamlessly repair the chassis. Even to the trained eye this car was perfect underneath. That lead us to the exterior which was other than being buried under multiple layers of paint in good shape. We started by repairing the dents and blocking out the body with the new livery in mind we worked to make this car as straight as possible. After getting an original Porsche front bumper and a composite GT2 style splitter to restore the exterior to its “as delivered look” we could concentrate on the finish which as always we used Sikkens products. Sikkens LV650 topcoat in UPS Truck Brown, we actually matched the color chip to a delivery truck. Now the tricky part started, to match the classic livery. This was very difficult because not many photos were available of the original car. We had only a handful of references to use. Even with that hurdle we replicated the graphics to the last decal and the end result was a blast from the past. Who knew a brown and gold car could look so good.