1986 Ferrari 412
Exterior Paint & Body w/Color Change
This car came to us as a simple strip down and repaint with a more suiting Ferrari Grigio Ferro (metallic grey) color, including the needed corrective body work along the way. Repairing multiple cracks at body seams and lead joints, and straightening the every day wear and tare that driven cars are subject to. We started by documenting any and all problems the car may have before the tare down. We stripped the entire exterior of the car to bare steel, applied Sikkens Epoxy Primer and began the straightening process. When the necessary body straightening was complete we quickly got to work on the painting process, using Sikkens Water Borne Base Coat and Sikkens Superior 250 Clear Coats. Followed by the meticulous reassembly being extremely careful not to damage the new finishes, any damage or scratches would result in a full repaint as this car is one flowing piece of sheet metal from front to rear. The nose is blended into the fenders, the fenders are blended into the rockers and pillars, the pillars into the roof, the roof & rockers into the quarters and the quarters into the tail pan, the car is literally a seamless exterior. If it does not move or open it is blended and seamless creating a very clean looking car as the end result. Once the body was fully assembled and all of the trim reinstalled the car was color sanded & buffed with 3M Products to the flawless result shown in the photos. At the end of this project we delivered a seemingly perfect Ferrari to the client. Even tho this might be an 80s Ferrari it was still hand built by the experts in Italy, I’d like to think they provided us with a very well built car and our highly skilled professionals in the KMR body shop made it better, one might even use the word perfect, just as a¬†Ferrari should be.