One of the finest RS tribute cars ever created with a heavy slant to the hot rod side.

This car started life as a never wrecked and never rusty 1970 911S that had been a race car since almost new.

It was not discovered until after the build was nearly complete this car has both Daytona and Sebring race history as well.

The performance on this little beast is simply amazing with performance beyond belief.

The engine is a special KMR build project at 3.4 liters, mechanical fuel injection, twin plug and all the best internals money can buy producing 360 horsepower with plenty of torque on tap.

The transmission is a 915 RSR spec with special gear ratios, 7:31 ring and pinion, limited slip differential and all parts fully REM polished.

The build started with striping the car to bare metal, making every piece of sheet metal perfectly straight and every body gap to the most extreme standards.

More than 100 man hours went into the floor pan alone making it perfectly straight by hammer and dolly with no filler.
Every area of the car was dissected and treated so it would never rust in the future, reassembled and made perfectly straight.

Braking is handled by 930 turbo brakes with cryogenically treated discs, while suspension is all custom KMR with Carrera trailing arms, spherical bearings throughout, adjustable anti roll bars, billet top strut mounts and 935 front suspension front and rear.

The entire build consisted of more than 1,800 man hours from start to finish and is truly of the highest build standard.

This car weighs in at 2,060 pounds with fuel and ready to drive, matched with 360 horsepower and a lot of torque with small tires of the RS this thing is amazing to drive.