1964 Porsche 356C Cabriolet

This car is being built for a longtime friend of KMR owner, Jeff Stone with an eye to not only cosmetic perfection, but also extreme performance seldom seen in a 356, even on the track.

When the car arrived at KMR it was very attractive to look at and functioned quite well as an original 356. What we quickly found was years of covered up rust and deterioration in the chassis. We knew we had a daunting project on our hands to say the least.

We started as all projects do, with a very thorough inspection to determine needs and wants and then a meeting with the owner to make a plan. The result of this is a 356 that will make any racers heart beat fast.

We converted the car to a 5 speed WEVO gearbox that is based on the evolutionary new WEVO gear case with all Porsche 901 (early 911) internals and a custom WEVO LSD for swing axles making this now that same functionality as a 911 transmission, but a bolt in to a 356 chassis.

Next comes the power, Stone opted to take the road less traveled and built a 2.4 liter Polo engine for the project. This is essentially a 911 engine minus 2 cylinders – truly an engineering masterpiece making 225 HP on pump gas, versus the original 70 HP.

All suspension was rebuilt and updated as needed, not straying far from the original concept, but making all work in harmony to control this new found speed and performance of the car.

Once again the craftsmen at KMR were on to the metal work and lots of it. Nearly every panel on the car had to be addressed in some way. Many panels were replaced and some just removed, restored and reinstalled, all using real factory new old stock panels to maintain the highest quality standards.

The result is nothing short of spectacular. This will surely be one of the best 356 every imagined and enjoyed for years to come when the owner gets it home.